Use of the Hall technique by specialist paediatric dentists: a global perspective

Iyad Hussein, Manal Al Halabi, Mawlood Kowash, Anas Salami, Nabil Ouatik, Yeon Mi Yang, Monty Duggal, Neeta Chandwani, Hani Nazzal, Sondos Albadri, Amanda Roberts, Suhad Al-Jundi, Chioma Nzomiwu, Osama El Shahawy, Ali Attaie, Ossama Mohammed, Mona Al-Sane

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Background The Hall technique (HT) is popular with UK paediatric dentists (PDs). Global PDs perception/use of HT is unknown. Aim To investigate global PDs opinions/use of HT. Materials and methods A cross-sectional questionnaire of 26 questions was sent to specialist PDs across the globe. Results Responses of 709 PDs from six continents were obtained. The majority (n = 654, 92.32%) had heard about HT but only 50.6% (n = 358) used it, with wide country variations. Respectively, 37.5%, 31.5% and 31% were neutral, against or supportive of HT when they initially heard about it. Only 17% of HT users said it was always the treatment of choice for non-pulpal asymptomatic carious primary molars (NPACPMs), 62% would take a pre-operative radiograph, 65% would consider using high speed drills before HT, 63% would never consider HT under general anaesthesia, 56% would use HT under N2O sedation. Finally, in a clinical scenario of a NPACPM in a cooperative 6-year-old, 75% of PDs would choose conventional restorative methods over the HT. Conclusion The HT is recognised, but not used, by an outright majority of PDs across the globe. Identifiable barriers such as lack of training, perception as substandard dentistry and perceived lack of evidence reduced its use.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)33-38
Number of pages6
JournalBritish Dental Journal
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2020


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