Trabeculectomy with intraoperative 5-fluorouracil

Paul A. Sidoti, James C. Choi, Elisa N. Morinelli, Paul P. Lee, George Baerveldt, Don S. Minckler, Dale K. Heuer

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: To investigate the outcome and complication rates of trabeculectomy following the combined use of intraoperative, topical 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and low-dose, postoperative subconjunctival 5-FU injections. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Forty-one eyes of 41 patients with advanced, medically uncontrolled glaucoma underwent trabeculectomy with intraoperative episcleral application of 5-FU (50 mg/ml for 5 minutes). A variable number of subconjunctival 5-FU injections were administered postoperatively at the discretion of the operating surgeon. RESULTS: Six-, 12-, and 15-month life-table success rates (5 mm Hg ≤ intraocular pressure [IOP ≤ 21 mm Hg) were 100%, 97%, and 83%, respectively. Mean postoperative IOP was 12.1 ± 4.3 mm Hg. An average of 2.2 ± 1.6 (range 0 to 7) supplemental subconjunctival 5-FU injections were administered postoperatively. Corneal epithelial erosions developed in 7 (17%) of the eyes. Five of 7 patients who underwent subsequent surgical procedures maintained successful control of IOP at an average of 11.0 ± 4.8 (range 5 to 16) months after the secondary surgery. CONCLUSION: Trabeculectomy with intraoperative 5-FU is effective in controlling lOP while possibly minimizing the need for frequent postoperative injections and the occurrence of corneal epitheliopathy.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)552-561
Number of pages10
JournalOphthalmic Surgery and Lasers
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 1998
Externally publishedYes


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