The impact of a fellow-driven debriefing program after pediatric cardiac arrests

Jennifer Gillen, Monica L. Koncicki, Rebecca F. Hough, Kathryn Palumbo, Tarif Choudhury, Ariel Daube, Anita Patel, Amy Chirico, Cheryl Lin, Sirisha Yalamanchi, Linda Aponte-Patel, Anita I. Sen

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Background: In the United States, post-cardiac arrest debriefing has increased, but historically it has occurred rarely in our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). A fellow-led debriefing tool was developed as a tool for fellow development, as well as to enhance communication amongst a multidisciplinary team. Methods: A curriculum and debriefing tool for fellow facilitators was developed and introduced in a 41-bed cardiac and medical PICU. Pre- and post-intervention surveys were sent to multidisciplinary PICU providers to assess effectiveness of debriefings using newly-trained leaders, as well as changes in team communication. Results: Debriefing occurred after 84% (63/75) of cardiac arrests post-intervention. Providers in various team roles participated in pre-intervention (129 respondents/236 invitations) and post-intervention (96 respondents /232 invitations) surveys. Providers reported that frequently occurring debriefings increased from 9 to 58%, pre- and post-intervention respectively (p <.0001). Providers reported frequent identification and discussion of learning points increased from 32% pre- to 63% post-intervention. In the 12 months post-intervention, 62% of providers agreed that the overall quality of communication during arrests had improved, and 61% would be more likely to request a debriefing after cardiac arrest. Conclusion: The introduction of a fellow-led debriefing tool resulted in regularly performed debriefings after arrests. Despite post-intervention debriefings being led by newly-trained facilitators, the majority of PICU staff expressed satisfaction with the quality of debriefing and improvement in communication during arrests, suggesting that fellow facilitators can be effective debrief leaders.

Original languageEnglish
Article number272
JournalBMC Medical Education
Issue number1
StatePublished - 22 Jul 2019


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