Suicide and suicide attempts in adolescents

Benjamin N. Shain, Jonathan D. Klein, Michelle S. Barratt, Margaret J. Blythe, Paula K. Braverman, Angela Diaz, David S. Rosen, Charles J. Wibbelsman, Miriam Kaufman, Marc R. Laufer, Karen Smith

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Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for adolescents 15 to 19 years old. Pediatricians can take steps to help reduce the incidence of adolescent suicide by screening for depression and suicidal ideation and behavior. This report updates the previous statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics and is intended to assist the pediatrician in the identification and management of the adolescent at risk of suicide. The extent to which pediatricians provide appropriate care for suicidal adolescents depends on their knowledge, skill, comfort with the topic, and ready access to appropriate community resources. All teenagers with suicidal thoughts or behaviors should know that their pleas for assistance are heard and that pediatricians are willing to serve as advocates to help resolve the crisis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)669-676
Number of pages8
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 2007


  • Adolescence
  • Prevention
  • Risk factors
  • Suicide
  • Treatment


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