Reparative and Maladaptive Inflammation in Tendon Healing

Varun Arvind, Alice H. Huang

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Tendon injuries are common and debilitating, with non-regenerative healing often resulting in chronic disease. While there has been considerable progress in identifying the cellular and molecular regulators of tendon healing, the role of inflammation in tendon healing is less well understood. While inflammation underlies chronic tendinopathy, it also aids debris clearance and signals tissue repair. Here, we highlight recent findings in this area, focusing on the cells and cytokines involved in reparative inflammation. We also discuss findings from other model systems when research in tendon is minimal, and explore recent studies in the treatment of human tendinopathy to glean further insights into the immunobiology of tendon healing.

Original languageEnglish
Article number719047
JournalFrontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
StatePublished - 19 Jul 2021


  • regeneration
  • reparative inflammation
  • tendinopathy
  • tendon
  • wound healing


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