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Cardiotoxicity from cancer drugs remains a clinical problem. To find reliable markers of cardiotoxicity, animal models were proposed and potential new diagnostic, markers have been actively investigated using these models. Here we describe our protocols, using male Sprague-Dawley rats, for inducing cardiomyopathy by single injection of high-dose doxorubicin (5–10, mg/kg) or multiple injections (2–4 times) of low-dose doxorubicin (2.5, mg/kg) with combined single injection of trastuzumab (10, mg/kg). The cardiotoxicity is evaluated by imaging modalities (echocardiography and nuclear imaging), serum troponin levels, and histopathological analyses.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMethods in Molecular Biology
PublisherHumana Press Inc.
Number of pages12
StatePublished - 2018

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NameMethods in Molecular Biology
ISSN (Print)1064-3745


  • Cardiotoxicity
  • Doxorubicin
  • Echocardiography
  • Left ventricular ejection fraction
  • Traszmab
  • Troponin


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