Quality indicators for the adult epilepsy monitoring unit

the EMU Quality Improvement Team

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Objective: Quality and safety in epilepsy monitoring units (EMUs) are of great importance because patients’ seizures are induced rather than prevented in this hospital setting. However, the measurement and evaluation of quality and safety in EMUs are heterogeneous, as are practices and processes of care. To improve the measurement of quality and safety in EMUs, we sought to develop evidence-based and consensus-driven quality indicators, adhering to previously described methodologic standards. Methods: Candidate quality indicators were identified using a recent systematic review on quality and safety indicators in EMUs. These were supplemented by expert opinion to identify other indicators that had not been reported previously. The candidate quality indicators were then evaluated using a modified Delphi technique among a multidisciplinary EMU quality improvement team. Candidate indicators identified as important and feasible through the Delphi technique were then developed into quality metrics. Results: Thirty-four candidate indicators were abstracted from 135 studies included in the earlier systematic review, and two additional candidate indicators were suggested through consensus from experts. Consensus was reached after two modified Delphi rounds for 25 quality indicators identified as important. These 25 indicators were then developed into quality metrics using a standardized data collection form and were deployed in an online database for systematic data capture and further analyses. Significance: These quality indicators have the potential to improve the reporting of quality and safety in EMUs through standardized measurement and evaluation of the quality and safety of care. The ultimate goal is improved patient care and clinical outcomes through safer and better care for people with epilepsy in the EMU.

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StatePublished - 1 Nov 2016
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  • Patient safety
  • Quality measures
  • Quality of care
  • Seizure monitoring unit
  • Video-EEG monitoring


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