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Are you looking for a rapid-reference, step-by-step guide to teach you all that you need to know in order to perform high-quality colonoscopy? Then Practical Colonoscopy is the perfect resource for you. Drawing upon their collective century of experience performing and teaching colonoscopy, Drs. Waye, Aisenberg and Rubin share the "pearls" and principles that they find most useful in every day practice. The team is led by Dr. Jerry Waye, one of the world's leading practitioners and teachers of endoscopy. Up-to-date, practical, clinically-focused, succinct and packed full of outstanding illustrations and videos, this multi-media tool guides you through the core aspects of best colonoscopy practice. Key features include: Lucid,step-by-step explanations of the techniques and principles that will help you to achieve outstanding results. A companion website that contains 39 videos illustrating important techniques, findings, and problems. Text-boxes that highlight and organize the pearls and pitfalls of colonoscopy practice. Line diagrams that illustrate important strategies and maneuvers. High-resolution still photographs that depict important findings and techniques. GI trainees will find this the perfect introductory guide to colonoscopy, and more experienced specialists will value it as a refresher tool that is replete with hundreds of new pearls provided by world experts. Practical Colonoscopy is a must-have tool for today's colonoscopist.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages199
ISBN (Electronic)9781118553442
ISBN (Print)9780470670583
StatePublished - 10 Jun 2013


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