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Robert J. Linhardt, J. P. Albarella, L. H.D. Anderson, A. Paau, S. G. Platt, L. Sequeira, T. M. Ranki, H. E. Soderlund, E. L. Sheldon, C. H. Levenson, K. B. Mullis, H. Rapoport, R. M. Watson, K. K. Yabusaki, S. T. Isaacs, Gamper, B. Howard, R. D. Armenia, I. Gibbons, T. S. BakerS. R. Abbott, J. G. Simpson, J. F. Wright, M. J. Powell, J. D. Baldeschwieler, R. C. Gamble, A. M. Lin, G. W. Tin, T. O. Baldwin, T. F. Holzman, P. S. Satoh, F. S. Yein, M. J. Block, T. B. Hirschfeld, J. A. Burton, B. Hoop, M. S. Chagnon, E. V. Grotnan, L. Josephson, R. A. Whitehead, H. M. Chandler, K. Healey, J. G.R. Hurrell, T. W. Chang, A. Deutsch, N. Dorsey, S. E. Diamond, F. J. Regina, W. A. Frey, D. M. Simons, A. E. Gadow, W. G. Wood, J. C. Hinshaw, J. L. Toner, G. A. Reynolds, A. Karmen, F. D. Lasky, D. Kerschensteiner, C. L. Kirkemo, M. T. Shipchandler, K. M. Kosak, L. J. Kricka, G. H.G.H. Thorpe, T. P. Whitehead, V. T. Kung, D. E. Canova, P. Lau-Hon-Peng, E. K. Yang, H. W. Jacobson, D. F. Nicoli, V. B. Elings, M. Parham, W. J. Warren, K. Rokugawa, C. H. Self, D. Tokinaga, T. Kobayashi, K. Imai, Y. G. Tsay, V. D. Shah, C. H.J. Wang, S. D. Stroupe, M. E. Jolley, R. F. Zuk, D. J. Litman, P. Fossati, A. Freeman, R. Tor, J. J. Gallacher, I. J. Higgins, H. A.O. Hill, E. V. Plotkin, D. J. Page, N. J. Walton, D. Whitford, N. Itoh, K. Matsunaga, Y. Karasawa, Y. Takata, H. Kusakabe, H. Yamauchi, Y. Midorikawa, T. P. Malloy, L. J. DeFilippi, R. Riffer, J. L. Seago, H. Watanabe, N. Mitsuhida, M. Andoh, H. Matsumoto, P. F. Wegfahrt

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Bioassays, including immunoassays, enzyme assays, and assays using enzyme electrodes, and nucleic acid hybridization probes have been the subject of considerable industrial and academic research. New bioassay methods have applications in the medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food products industries. Recent US patents and scientific literature on a variety of new bioassay methods are surveyed. A description of these patents and a list of references are given.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)279-295
Number of pages17
JournalApplied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Issue number3
StatePublished - Oct 1987
Externally publishedYes


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