Multiple Sclerosis immunotherapies and COVID-19 mortality: an analysis of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System

Maximilian Pistor, Robert Hoepner, Andreas G.F. Hoepner, Yanan Lin, Simon Jung, Claudio L. Bassetti, Andrew Chan, Anke Salmen

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Background: Evidence on mortality risks associated with MS-immunotherapies during the SARS-CoV2 pandemic derived thus far mainly from single country experiences. Objective: In this analysis, we aim to determine the frequency of COVID-19 associated fatality reports of patients receiving an MS-immunotherapy as reported to the international Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) from February 2020 to March 2021. Methods: In all, 1071 cases for this cross-sectional analysis were retrieved from FAERS and a multivariable logistic regression was performed. We adjusted for sex, age, region, month of report to FDA, immunotherapy-class and additionally for healthcare-system and pandemic-related metrics. Result: Anti-CD20 therapies (60%) followed by sphingosine-1 phosphate modulators (12%) and dimethylfumarat (10%) were reported most frequently. In 50% of the cases, MS-phenotype is not reported, relapsing MS in 35% and progressive MS in 15%. Besides older age (odds ratio [OR]: 1.1; 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.07–1.13; p < 0.01), anti-CD20 therapies were significantly associated with a higher risk of death (OR: 4.1; 95% CI: 1.17–14.46; p = 0.03), whereas female sex was associated with a reduced mortality risk (OR: 0.4, 95% CI: 0.22–0.72; p < 0.01). Conclusion: Using international open access data and a multidisciplinary approach for risk prediction, we identified an increased mortality risk associated with anti-CD20 therapies, which is in line with national and multi-national cohort studies.

Original languageEnglish
JournalTherapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders
StatePublished - 2022
Externally publishedYes


  • SARS-CoV2
  • disease-modifying therapy
  • immunosuppression
  • multiple sclerosis
  • pharmacovigilance


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