Morbidity of Repeat Cesarean Delivery after a Trial of Labor as Compared with Elective Repeat Cesarean Delivery

Emily S. Markovic, Nathan S. Fox

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Objective ?This study aimed to evaluate if a secondary repeat cesarean after a trial of labor (TOLAC) without uterine rupture is associated with increased morbidity as compared with a scheduled elective repeat cesarean delivery (ERCD). Study Design ?This was a retrospective cohort study of repeat cesarean delivery (CD) in a single obstetrical practice between 2005 and 2022. Patients were included if they had a singleton pregnancy at term with one prior CD and had a repeat CD this pregnancy resulting in live birth. Patients were excluded if they had a prior myomectomy, more than one prior CD, uterine rupture in a prior or current pregnancy, or placenta previa in this pregnancy. We compared baseline characteristics and outcomes between patients who had a repeat cesarean after TOLAC and ERCD. The primary outcome was a composite of maternal morbidity that included hysterectomy, blood transfusion, cystotomy, bowel injury, intensive care unit admission, thrombosis, reoperation, or maternal mortality. Results ?A total of 930 women met inclusion criteria. A total of 176 (18.9%) patients intended to labor and 754 (81.1%) planned an ERCD. There was no difference in the primary outcome between patients with a repeat cesarean after TOLAC compared with patients with ERCD (2.8 vs. 1.2%, p = 0.158). Patients with repeat cesarean after labor had significantly more 1-minute Apgar scores less than 7, but no difference in 5-minute Apgar scores. We were powered to detect a difference in the primary outcome from 1.2% in the ERCD group to 3.3% in the repeat cesarean after labor group. Results did not differ when we analyzed patients who intended to TOLAC versus patients who actually labored prior CD. Conclusion ?For women with one prior CD the morbidity of repeat cesarean after labor is not more than the morbidity of planned repeat CD. Our study can be helpful in delivery planning counseling for patients with one prior CD. Key Points Uterine rupture is a known risk of TOLAC. This study aimed to understand morbidity associated with labor. No added morbidity of repeat cesarean after labor is inferred in this study.

Original languageEnglish
JournalAmerican Journal of Perinatology
StateAccepted/In press - 2023
Externally publishedYes


  • cesarean delivery
  • counseling
  • labor
  • maternal morbidity
  • risks


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