Mitraclip Plus Medical Therapy Versus Medical Therapy Alone for Functional Mitral Regurgitation: A Meta-Analysis

Sunny Goel, Ravi Teja Pasam, Karan Wats, Srilekha Chava, Joseph Gotesman, Abhishek Sharma, Bilal Ahmad Malik, Sergey Ayzenberg, Robert Frankel, Jacob Shani, Umesh Gidwani

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Introduction: The purpose of this meta-analysis is to compare the efficacy of MitraClip plus medical therapy versus medical therapy alone in patients with functional mitral regurgitation (FMR). FMR caused by left ventricular dysfunction is associated with poor prognosis. Whether MitraClip improves clinical outcomes in this patient population remains controversial. Methods: We conducted an electronic database search of PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane Central, Scopus, Google Scholar, and Web of Science databases for randomized control trials (RCTs) and observational studies with propensity score matching (PSM) that compared MitraClip plus medical therapy with medical therapy alone for patients with FMR and reported on subsequent mortality, heart failure re-hospitalization, and other outcomes of interest. Event rates were compared using a random-effects model with odds ratio as the effect size. Results: Five studies (n = 1513; MitraClip = 796, medical therapy = 717) were included in the final analysis. MitraClip plus medical therapy compared to medical therapy alone was associated with a significant reduction in overall mortality (OR = 0.66, 95% CI = 0.44–0.99, P = 0.04) and heart failure (HF) re-hospitalization rates (OR = 0.57, 95% CI = 0.36–0.91, P = 0.02). There was reduced need for heart transplantation or mechanical support requirement (OR = 0.48, 95% CI = 0.25–0.91, P = 0.02) and unplanned mitral valve surgery (OR = 0.21, 95% CI = 0.07–0.61, P = 0.004) in the MitraClip group. No effect was observed on cardiac mortality (P = 0.42) between the two groups. Conclusions: MitraClip plus medical therapy improves overall mortality and reduces HF re-hospitalization rates compared to medical therapy alone in patients with FMR.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5-17
Number of pages13
JournalCardiology and Therapy
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1 Jun 2020


  • Functional mitral regurgitation
  • Heart failure
  • Medical therapy
  • MitraClip


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