lncHUB2: aggregated and inferred knowledge about human and mouse lncRNAs

Giacomo B. Marino, Megan L. Wojciechowicz, Daniel J.B. Clarke, Maxim V. Kuleshov, Zhuorui Xie, Minji Jeon, Alexander Lachmann, Avi Ma'ayan

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Long non-coding ribonucleic acids (lncRNAs) account for the largest group of non-coding RNAs. However, knowledge about their function and regulation is limited. lncHUB2 is a web server database that provides known and inferred knowledge about the function of 18 705 human and 11 274 mouse lncRNAs. lncHUB2 produces reports that contain the secondary structure fold of the lncRNA, related publications, the most correlated coding genes, the most correlated lncRNAs, a network that visualizes the most correlated genes, predicted mouse phenotypes, predicted membership in biological processes and pathways, predicted upstream transcription factor regulators, and predicted disease associations. In addition, the reports include subcellular localization information; expression across tissues, cell types, and cell lines, and predicted small molecules and CRISPR knockout (CRISPR-KO) genes prioritized based on their likelihood to up- or downregulate the expression of the lncRNA. Overall, lncHUB2 is a database with rich information about human and mouse lncRNAs and as such it can facilitate hypothesis generation for many future studies. The lncHUB2 database is available at https://maayanlab.cloud/lncHUB2. Database URL: https://maayanlab.cloud/lncHUB2

Original languageEnglish
Article numberbaad009
JournalDatabase : the journal of biological databases and curation
StatePublished - 2023


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