Landevaluatie een grondig instrument.

Translated title of the contribution: ( Land evaluation: a basic instrument).: a basic instrument).

B. E.J.C.A. Lekanne Dit Deprez, .

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This issue is devoted to papers on different economic and technical aspects of land evaluation. After an introduction by Lekanne dit Deprez it includes l) a discussion by J.Bennema of what is meant by land evaluation and of the FAO framework for considering its quality, importance, actual and potential use etc.; 2) K.J.Beck and H.A.Luning discuss the relation of land use to land evaluation; 3) H.van Keulen and Wit consider land qualities and production possibilities; 4) R.F.van de Weg examines land evaluation for various types of land use in Kenya; 5) H.van Reuler outlines discussion on the FAO's framework for land evaluation at the 5lst Tropical Agriculture Meeting in October 1979, and 6) J.L.Unger discusses land valuation in relation to the increasing demand for cotton from a growing population. -from WAERSAland evaluation Kenya

Translated title of the contribution( Land evaluation: a basic instrument).: a basic instrument).
Original languageDutch
Pages (from-to)34-70
Number of pages37
JournalLandbouwkundig Tijdschrift
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1980


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