Intrapartum fetoscopy: Technique and indications

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The present article summarizes six years of experience with intrapartum visualization of the uterus and its contents (fetus, umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic fluid). The choledochofiberscope, previously sterilized in 96% alcohol was introduced into the amniotic cavity via the cervical after spontaneous or artificial rupture of the membranes. The following abnormalities were diagnosed with high accuracy: umbilical cord complications (28 cases), placental pathology (36 cases), dehiscence of the uterine scar (2 cases), fetal dysmaturity (19 cases), congenital anomalies (15 cases). No fetal or maternal complications of fetoscopy were noted. Intrapartum fetoscopy can provide the obstetrician with important information in selected cases. Potential uses of intrapartum fetoscopy are discussed.

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StatePublished - 1988
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