Intelligent Integrative Platform for Sharing Heterogenuous Stem Cell Research Data

Kirill Borziak, Irena Parvanova, Joseph Finkelstein

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Recent studies demonstrated that comparative analysis of stem cell research data sets originating from multiple studies can produce new information and help with hypotheses generation. Effective approaches for incorporating multiple diverse heterogeneous data sets collected from stem cell projects into a harmonized project-based framework have been lacking. Here, we provide an intelligent informatics solution for integrating comprehensive characterizations of stem cells with research subject and project outcome information. Our platform is the first to seamlessly integrate information from iPSCs and cancer stem cell research into a single platform, using a multi-modular common data element framework. Heterogeneous data is validated using predefined ontologies and stored in a relational database, to ensure data quality and ease of access. Testing was performed using 103 published, publicly-available iPSC and cancer stem cell projects conducted in clinical, preclinical and in vitro evaluations. We validated the robustness of the platform, by seamlessly harmonizing diverse data elements, and demonstrated its potential for knowledge generation through the aggregation and harmonization of data. Future aims of this project include increasing the database size using crowdsourcing and natural language processing functionalities. The platform is publicly available at

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationApplying the FAIR Principles to Accelerate Health Research in Europe in the Post COVID-19 Era - Proceedings of the 2021 EFMI Special Topic Conference
EditorsJaime Delgado, Arriel Benis, Paula de Toledo, Parisis Gallos, Mauro Giacomini, Alicia Martinez-Garcia, Dario Salvi
PublisherIOS Press BV
Number of pages5
ISBN (Electronic)9781643682365
StatePublished - 18 Nov 2021
Event2021 European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) Special Topic Conference, STC 2021 - Virtual, Online, Spain
Duration: 22 Nov 202124 Nov 2021

Publication series

NameStudies in Health Technology and Informatics
ISSN (Print)0926-9630
ISSN (Electronic)1879-8365


Conference2021 European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) Special Topic Conference, STC 2021
CityVirtual, Online


  • Common data elements
  • cancer stem cells
  • induced pluripotent stem cells


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