Inflammatory disease in older adults: Cranial arteritis

Robert Spiera, Harry Spiera

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Cranial arteritis (CA), also called giant cell arteritis or temporal arteritis, is a vasculitis primarily affecting adults over age 50. It is a large vessel vasculitis, and giant cells classically can be identified on histopathoiogic examination of temporal arteries, but are not essential for diagnosis. Patients typically present with severe headaches, fatigue, polymyalgia-like symptoms, or ischemic complaints such as jaw claudication. Visual loss is the major feared irreversible outcome and can occur in up to 50% of those with untreated disease. Glucocorticolcis, typically high dose prednisone (≥60 mg/d) is the first-line treatment and successfully controls the inflammatory disease in the vast majority of patients. Most patients can be tapered off steroids within 6 months to 2 years.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)25-29
Number of pages5
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2004


  • Giant cell arteritis
  • Glucocorticolds
  • Inflammatory disease


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