Impact of physical factors on the society and environment

Marko S. Markov

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In 1988 I published a paper "Electromagnetic fields-a new ecological factor" (Markov 1988). There was no internet and very few cell phones were available. It was not even fear from the hazard of the power lines. However, I want to cite the beginning of this paper: "The contemporary conditions of life put man in dependence of the complex of physical influences on the environment and in the first place-of the electromagnetic fields. The rapid development of science and technology has resulted in the introduction of many new devices and technologies in industry, agriculture, and everyday life. On the other hand, during their phylogenetic and ontogenic development, the living organisms are continuously exposed to the influence of different biotic and abiotic factors. The physical factors are included in the first group, and the entire evolution of life is connected with an adaptation to the action of these factors." Could I repeat this statement nearly a quarter of century later? Sure, I will. The only difference would be that I will speak not only for electromagnetic fields, but for green-house effects, global warming, volcano eruption, and radiation disasters. I would also discuss the noise and vibration to which people are exposed from early days to the very end of their life traveling with private vehicles or public transport.

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  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Environment
  • Global warming
  • Mobile communication
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Physical factors


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