Impact of global feminist film curriculum on medical student engagement in women’s health

Esha Bansal, Krishna Patel, Yonis Hassan, Susan Kim, Arifa Zaidi, Timothy Rice

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Film effectvely imparts experiential knowledge of lived experiences especially in cross-cultural settings. Incorporating film into medical education can catalyze awareness of global issues in women’s health. Film-based interventions highlighting such topics have not been reported in literature. This study outlines one session of an 8-week elective course for trainees to engage with topics in women’s health through global cinema. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected from participants during each session and via post-session surveys. Class discussions and survey data reflected favorable responses and positive engagement with the pre-session film viewings and 75-minute weekly discussions. A feminist, film-based curriculum for medical and graduate students may broaden trainees’ knowledge of global women’s health. In medical education, film may serve as an effective tool to encourage a life-course and gender equity approach to women’s health topics, rather than more traditional sexual-reproductive framings.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)843-851
Number of pages9
JournalHealth Care for Women International
Issue number8
StatePublished - 2024


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