High-dose intravenous corticosteroids for ocular inflammatory diseases

Leon D. Charkoudian, Gui Shuang Ying, Siddharth S. Pujari, Sapna Gangaputra, Jennifer E. Thorne, C. Stephen Foster, Douglas A. Jabs, Grace A. Levy-Clarke, Robert B. Nussenblatt, James T. Rosenbaum, Eric B. Suhler, John H. Kempen

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Purpose: To evaluate the effectiveness and risk of complications of high-dose intravenous pulsed corticosteroids for noninfectious ocular inflammatory diseases. Methods: Retrospective cohort study in which 104 eyes of 70 patients who received high-dose intravenous corticosteroids for treatment of active ocular inflammation were identified from five centers. The main outcome measures were control of inflammation and occurrence of ocular or systemic complications within 1 month after treatment. Results: Within ≤1 month of starting treatment, 57% of eyes achieved complete control of inflammation (95% confidence interval (CI): 3383%), improving to 82% when near-complete control was included (95% CI: 6196%). Most eyes (85%; 95% CI: 7095%) gained clinically significant improvement in anterior chamber inflammation. One patient developed a colon perforation during treatment. No other major complications were recorded. Conclusions: Treatment of ocular inflammation with high-dose intravenous corticosteroids resulted in substantial clinical improvement for most cases within 1 month. Complications of therapy were infrequent.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)91-99
Number of pages9
JournalOcular Immunology and Inflammation
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 2012


  • Corticosteroids
  • Inflammation
  • Intravenous
  • Noninfectious
  • Uveitis


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