Hemolytik: A database of experimentally determined hemolytic and non-hemolytic peptides

Ankur Gautam, Kumardeep Chaudhary, Sandeep Singh, Anshika Joshi, Priya Anand, Abhishek Tuknait, Deepika Mathur, Grish C. Varshney, Gajendra P.S. Raghava

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Hemolytik (http://crdd.osdd.net/raghava/hemolytik/) is a manually curated database of experimentally determined hemolytic and non-hemolytic peptides. Data were compiled from a large number of published research articles and various databases like Antimicrobial Peptide Database, Collection of Anti-microbial Peptides, Dragon Antimicrobial Peptide Database and Swiss-Prot. The current release of Hemolytik database contains ∼3000 entries that include ∼2000 unique peptides whose hemolytic activities were evaluated on erythrocytes isolated from as many as 17 different sources. Each entry in Hemolytik provides comprehensive information about a peptide, like its name, sequence, origin, reported function, property such as chirality, types (linear and cyclic), end modifications as well as details pertaining to its hemolytic activity. In addition, tertiary structure of each peptide has been predicted, and secondary structure states have been assigned. To facilitate the scientific community, a user-friendly interface has been developed with various tools for data searching and analysis. We hope, Hemolytik will be useful for researchers working in the field of designing therapeutic peptides.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)D444-D449
JournalNucleic Acids Research
Issue numberD1
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2014
Externally publishedYes


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