Geriatric transgender care

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There is a growing need to put older transgender and gender non-conforming individuals (TGNC) to the forefront of healthcare services, policies, and research. The TGNC population continues to be underserved. The knowledge on this topic will grow over time as better data collection tools emerge. The aging process for cisgender and transgender individuals occurs in parallel. While nuances in the approach to health care exist, the first step is to acknowledge the presence of TGNC individuals as patients in various transitions. It is essential to offer a culturally competent, inclusive, and affirmative health care to everyone. Furthermore, it is also important to facilitate care across clinical settings. As chronic illnesses turn into life-limiting diseases, it is essential to guide and support the patients through the process of advance care planning including end-of-life care. Palliative and hospice care are specialized programs that could be offered toward patients experiencing serious illness across its trajectory.

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  • Aging population
  • Gender non-conforming
  • Geriatric
  • Older adults
  • Transgender
  • Transgender elderly


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