Gene and drug landing page aggregator

Daniel J.B. Clarke, Maxim V. Kuleshov, Zhuorui Xie, John E. Evangelista, Marilyn R. Meyers, Eryk Kropiwnicki, Sherry L. Jenkins, Avi Ma'ayan

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Motivation: Many biological and biomedical researchers commonly search for information about genes and drugs to gather knowledge from these resources. For the most part, such information is served as landing pages in disparate data repositories and web portals. Results: The Gene and Drug Landing Page Aggregator (GDLPA) provides users with access to 50 gene-centric and 19 drug-centric repositories, enabling them to retrieve landing pages corresponding to their gene and drug queries. Bringing these resources together into one dashboard that directs users to the landing pages across many resources can help centralize gene- and drug-centric knowledge, as well as raise awareness of available resources that may be missed when using standard search engines. To demonstrate the utility of GDLPA, case studies for the gene klotho and the drug remdesivir were developed. The first case study highlights the potential role of klotho as a drug target for aging and kidney disease, while the second study gathers knowledge regarding approval, usage, and safety for remdesivir, the first approved coronavirus disease 2019 therapeutic. Finally, based on our experience, we provide guidelines for developing effective landing pages for genes and drugs.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbervbac013
JournalBioinformatics Advances
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2022


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