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EKLF/Klf1 is a zinc-finger transcription activator essential for erythroid lineage commitment and terminal differentiation. Using ChIP-seq, we investigate EKLF DNA binding and transcription activation mechanisms during mouse embryonic erythropoiesis. We utilize the Nan/+ mouse that expresses the EKLF-E339D (Nan) variant mutated in its conserved zinc-finger region and address the mechanism of hypomorphic and neomorphic changes in downstream gene expression. First, we show that Nan-EKLF limits normal EKLF binding to a subset of its sites. Second, we find that ectopic binding of Nan-EKLF occurs largely at enhancers and activates transcription through pioneering activity. Third, we find that for a subset of ectopic targets, gene activation is achieved in Nan/+ only by Nan-EKLF binding to distal enhancers, leading to RNA polymerase II pause-release. These results have general applicability to understanding how a DNA binding variant factor confers dominant disruptive effects on downstream gene expression even in the presence of its normal counterpart.

Original languageEnglish
Article number111830
JournalCell Reports
Issue number12
StatePublished - 20 Dec 2022


  • CBP
  • CP: Molecular biology
  • ChIP-seq
  • EKLF/Klf1
  • H3K27ac
  • Nan
  • RNA polymerase
  • elongation
  • erythropoiesis
  • pausing
  • pioneering
  • transcription


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