Diabetes increases risk for readmission and infection after shoulder arthroplasty: A national readmissions study of 113,713 patients

Akiro H. Duey, Christopher A. White, Kenneth H. Levy, Troy Li, Justin E. Tang, Akshar V. Patel, Jun S. Kim, Samuel K. Cho, Paul J. Cagle

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Background: The recent increasing popularity of shoulder arthroplasty has been paralleled by a rise in prevalence of diabetes in the United States. We aimed to evaluate the impact of diabetes status on readmission and short-term complications among patients undergoing shoulder arthroplasty. Methods: We analyzed the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project National Readmissions Database (NRD) between the years 2016–2018. Patients were included in the study if they underwent anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty (aTSA) or reverse total shoulder arthroplasty (rTSA) according to ICD-10 procedure codes. Postoperative complications including surgical site/joint infection, dislocation, prosthetic complications, hardware-related complications, non-infectious wound complications, 30-day, and 90-day readmission were collected. Results: A total of 113,713 shoulder arthroplasty patients were included. 23,749 (20.9%) had a diagnosis of diabetes and 89,964 (79.1%) did not. On multivariate analysis, a diagnosis of diabetes led to an increased risk of 30-day (OR: 1.24; 95% CI: [1.14, 1.34]; p < 0.001) and 90-day (OR: 1.18; 95% CI: [1.12, 1.25]; p < 0.001) readmission, surgical site/joint infection (OR: 1.21; 95% CI: [1.06, 1.38]; p = 0.005), respiratory complication (OR: 1.34; 95% CI: [1.09, 1.64]; p = 0.005), postoperative infection (OR: 1.22; 95% CI [1.07, 1.39]; p = 0.003), and deep vein thrombosis (OR: 1.38; 95% CI: [1.09, 1.74]; p = 0.007). Conclusions: Our findings suggest that patients with diabetes may be at an increased risk of readmission, infection, respiratory complication, and deep vein thrombosis following shoulder arthroplasty. Shoulder surgeons should consider these potential adverse events when planning postoperative care for patients with diabetes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)25-29
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Orthopaedics
StatePublished - Apr 2023


  • Arthroplasty
  • Complications
  • Diabetes
  • Infection
  • Readmission
  • Shoulder


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