COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake among US Adults According to Standard Occupational Groups

Itunu Sokale, Juan Alvarez, Omar Rosales, Eric Bakota, Christopher I. Amos, Hoda Badr, Abiodun O. Oluyomi

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This cross-sectional ecological study examined the relationship between neighborhood-level standard occupational groups in the USA and COVID-19 vaccine uptake using 774 census tract data, each consisting of approximately 1600 housing units. The neighborhood-level COVID-19 vaccination uptake data were retrieved from Harris County Public Health, Harris County, Texas. The standard occupational group data were from the US Census Bureau. We calculated the incidence rate ratios (IRRs) for vaccine uptake using bivariate and multivariable Poisson regression models. In the adjusted models, we found that the healthcare practitioner/technician (IRR: 1.008; 95% CI: 1.003–1.014; p = 0.001), business/management/legal (IRR: 1.011; 95% CI: 1.008–1.013; p < 0.001), computer/engineering/life/physical/social science (IRR: 1.018; 95% CI: 1.013–1.023; p < 0.001), and arts/design/entertainment/sports/media (IRR: 1.031; 95% CI: 1.018–1.044; p < 0.001) occupational groups were more likely to have received the full regimen of a COVID-19 vaccine. On the contrary, the building/installation/maintenance/repair (IRR: 0.991; 95% CI: 0.987–0.995; p < 0.001), construc-tion/extraction/production (IRR: 0.991; 95% CI: 0.988–0.995; p < 0.001), transportation/material moving (IRR: 0.992; 95% CI: 0.987–0.997; p = 0.002), food preparation/serving related (IRR: 0.995; 95% CI: 0.990–0.999; p = 0.023), and personal care/services (IRR: 0.991; 95% CI: 0.985–0.998; p = 0.017) groups were less likely to have received the complete dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. White-collar workers were more likely to be vaccinated than blue-collar workers. We adjusted for age, sex, and race/ethnicity in the multivariable analysis. The low vaccine uptake among certain occupational groups remains a barrier to pandemic control. Engaging labor-centered stakeholders in the development of vaccination interventions may increase uptake.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1000
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 2022
Externally publishedYes


  • COVID-19 vaccine
  • census tract
  • neighborhood
  • occupation
  • workplace


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