Chain initiation by reovirus RNA transcriptase in vitro

Daniel H. Levin, George Acs, Samuel C. Silvebstein

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THE presence of reovirus RNA transcriptase within the virion has facilitated studies on the mechanism of mRNA synthesis in vitro1,2. Subviral particles prepared from extracts of reovirus infected L-929 cells have provided stable and highly active RNA transcriptase preparations3. The particulate enzyme efficiently synthesizes in vitro all ten species of the reovirus-specific single-stranded mRNAs that correspond to the ten segments of the double-stranded RNA genome3,5. The same transcription mechanism seems to apply in vivo and in vitro as suggested by (a) the correlation in size and distribution of the messenger species3-8 and (b) the complementarity of the corresponding mRNAs to the same template strand (unpublished data of D. Kyner).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)603-604
Number of pages2
Issue number5258
StatePublished - 1970
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