Cardiovascular Biomarkers for Prediction of in-hospital and 1-Year Post-discharge Mortality in Patients With COVID-19 Pneumonia

Lukas J. Motloch, Peter Jirak, Diana Gareeva, Paruir Davtyan, Ruslan Gumerov, Irina Lakman, Aleksandr Tataurov, Rustem Zulkarneev, Ildar Kabirov, Benzhi Cai, Bairas Valeev, Valentin Pavlov, Kristen Kopp, Uta C. Hoppe, Michael Lichtenauer, Lukas Fiedler, Rudin Pistulli, Naufal Zagidullin

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Aims: While COVID-19 affects the cardiovascular system, the potential clinical impact of cardiovascular biomarkers on predicting outcomes in COVID-19 patients is still unknown. Therefore, to investigate this issue we analyzed the prognostic potential of cardiac biomarkers on in-hospital and long-term post-discharge mortality of patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. Methods: Serum soluble ST2, VCAM-1, and hs-TnI were evaluated upon admission in 280 consecutive patients hospitalized with COVID-19-associated pneumonia in a single, tertiary care center. Patient clinical and laboratory characteristics and the concentration of biomarkers were correlated with in-hospital [Hospital stay: 11 days (10; 14)] and post-discharge all-cause mortality at 1 year follow-up [FU: 354 days (342; 361)]. Results: 11 patients died while hospitalized for COVID-19 (3.9%), and 11 patients died during the 1-year post-discharge follow-up period (n = 11, 4.1%). Using multivariate analysis, VCAM-1 was shown to predict mortality during the hospital period (HR 1.081, CI 95% 1.035;1.129, p = 0.017), but not ST2 or hs-TnI. In contrast, during one-year FU post hospital discharge, ST2 (HR 1.006, 95% CI 1.002;1.009, p < 0.001) and hs-TnI (HR 1.362, 95% CI 1.050;1.766, p = 0.024) predicted mortality, although not VCAM-1. Conclusion: In patients hospitalized with Covid-19 pneumonia, elevated levels of VCAM-1 at admission were associated with in-hospital mortality, while ST2 and hs-TnI might predict post-discharge mortality in long term follow-up.

Original languageEnglish
Article number906665
JournalFrontiers in Medicine
StatePublished - 28 Jun 2022
Externally publishedYes


  • COVID-19
  • VCAM-1
  • cardiovascular biomarkers
  • long COVID-19
  • post-discharge mortality
  • sST2


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