Biologic Therapy for Ulcerative Colitis

Abhik Bhattacharya, Mark Tomislav Osterman

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Five biologics are approved for the treatment of ulcerative colitis (UC): infliximab, adalimumab, golimumab, vedolizumab, and ustekinumab. These drugs have varying levels of efficacy and are recommended as first-line treatment of moderate to severe UC. There has been only 1 head-to-head trial comparing the efficacy of the biologics, adalimumab and vedolizumab, which has important implications for management. Therapeutic drug monitoring of biologics, especially anti-TNF alpha agents, may improve the long-term efficacy of these agents. The future of treatment may include personalization of medications, based on patient-specific and disease-specific characteristics as well as biomarkers, along with appropriate therapeutic drug monitoring.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)717-729
Number of pages13
JournalGastroenterology Clinics of North America
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 2020


  • Biologics
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Ulcerative colitis


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