Anhydrous F-18 labeled elemental fluorine for radiopharmaceutical preparation

V. Casella, T. Ido, A. P. Wolf, J. S. Fowler, R. R. MacGregor, T. J. Ruth

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Interest in fluorine-18 as a label in radiopharmaceutical studies has led to the development of a method for the production of decicuries of anhydrous 18F-F 2 using the 20Ne(d,α) 18F reaction. The amount of anhydrous 18F-F 2 that can be removed from the target is a function of target pressure and decreasing with decreasing carrier concentration. At a target pressure of 24 atmospheres and a carrier concentration of 0.1% F 2, nearly 95% of the theoretical yield of fluorine-18 produced can be removed and up to 85% delivered through a 10-m stainless steel tube to the reaction chamber. Other functions affecting yield, including target design, target-gas handling and purity, have been addressed. Thick target yields for 14.0- and 9.4-MeV deuterons on target were measured to be 82 and 67 mCi/μA at saturation. With the BNL 60-in. cyclotron, production of 600-800 mCi of 18F-F 2 with a specific activity of ~10 mCi/μmole has been in effect since 1976.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)750-757
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Nuclear Medicine
Issue number8
StatePublished - 1980


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