Single arm, open label, signal seeking, phase IIa trial of the activity of larotrectinib in patients with advanced NTRK1-3 positive tumours.

  • Lopez, Ray (PI)
  • Melksham, Gillian G. (PI)
  • Saffitz, Jeffrey J. (CoPI)
  • Beauchamp, Philippe P. (CoPI)
  • Kléber, André A. (PI)
  • Runesson Sanfridson, Rebecca Tove Maria R.T.M. (PI)

Project Details


The activation of a group of genes called NTRK fusions can lead to cell growth and survival. These fusions appear to be cancerous irrespective of cancer lineage. The inhibition of NTRK fusion activation using Larotrectinib should reduce or suppress tumour cell growth and subsequently lead to cancer cell death.

Effective start/end date1/04/0227/06/25


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $105,000.00


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