Parameterization of Cardiac Wall Motion: Reuniting Engineering and Cardiology

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Under this Investigator Initiated Award, the PIs will develop methods to characterize cardiac motion from 4D echocardiographic images (3D over time), thus taking advantage of advances made in recent decades by cardiologists in imaging technologies and by engineers in strain analyses. A multidisciplinary team will analyze 4D ultrasound images in a database obtained with a novel 4D ultrasound scanner at Columbia. The proposal has three objectives: 1) Establish a parametric 4D representation of endocardial wall motion in a parameter space optimally suited to detecting regional wall motion abnormalities and test potential detection strategies, 2) Use a 3D finite element model to estimate the sizes of ischemic regions or scars that would produce detectable wall motion abnormalities on 3D ultrasound images and 3) select a method for displaying information on detected wall motion abnormalities that best enhances detection while promoting acceptance among cardiologists. Teaching materials will be developed to describe various historical approaches to analyzing heart function and to outline the current state of the art.

Effective start/end date1/07/0230/06/05


  • National Science Foundation: $258,852.00


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