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The brain is so complex that it will likely require the coordination of the efforts of scientists around the globe to determine the mechanisms and operational properties underlying its vast array of functions. The workshop on Developing a Global Inventory of Brain Initiatives aims to advance discussions on coordinating Brain Initiatives around the globe. It focuses on the development of an International Brain Initiative Inventory that will collect and report key information about each regional initiative in an accessible fashion. Although there are significant independent efforts to catalog the developing neurotechnologies and approaches for acquisition and management of data, these efforts are not coordinated and do not communicate effectively with one another. As such, there is a need for the implementation of a live inventory of Brain Initiatives, to promote the coordination of large-scale projects that require multinational involvement and to reduce duplication and increase efficiency of resources developed through various brain initiatives globally. The International Brain Inventory will serve to broaden accessibility to Brain Initiative tools, data, and other resources, as well as increase collaboration by US investigators with investigators from other countries. This workshop critically informs inventory development by providing input from a diverse group of US and international neuroscientists and communicating inventory goals to the broader neuroscience community. In addition, the workshop serves to build relationships among global Brain Initiatives. By working to inform the International Brain Inventory, ultimate goals of this project include to: (1) increase accessibility of all countries to Brain Initiatives work and products, and (2) promote multinational collaborations. Further, by communicating these efforts to the public, the workshop enhances awareness of global brain research efforts and interactions between the US and other Brain Initiatives.

There are three specific aims of the workshop: 1. To consider what content to include in an International Brain Initiative Inventory, and advise on content and structure, with a focus on what would be most useful to the scientific community; 2. To suggest approaches for dissemination of inventory information and other mechanisms that encourage use and communication across International Brain Initiatives; and 3. To recommend approaches for receiving feedback from the neuroscience community and evaluating the effectiveness of the inventory. The primary product of the workshop is a publication that will summarize the discussion and articulates the group?s perspective on key aspects of a global inventory as outlined above: inventory content, input and structure, dissemination, and evaluation. The publication will also outline steps for engaging the scientific community in this work. A secondary product of the workshop is to propose strategies for communicating inventory efforts to the public. An additional goal of the workshop and surrounding collaborative work of its participants is the strengthening of dialog and relationships between neuroscientists and Brain Initiative leaders across many countries, governmental agencies, and foundations to accelerate our understanding of brain function

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Effective start/end date1/05/1830/04/19


  • National Science Foundation: $96,790.00


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