CC* Planning: Designing a Process to Improve Research Computing Infrastructure at City Tech

  • Vazquez-poritz, Justin J.F. (PI)
  • Seto, Jeremy J. (CoPI)
  • Maller, Ariyeh A. (CoPI)
  • Seto, Jeremy (CoPI)
  • Zahran, Mai M. (CoPI)

Project Details


New York City College of Technology, a comprehensive college within the City University of New York and a Hispanic-Serving Institution, is creating a five-year strategic plan for cyberinfrastructure (CI) and future investments and strategic management in research computing resources. A team of faculty engaged in international high-performance computing projects are convening a broad-based stakeholder group to consider issues of CI governance and leadership, high-performance computing, data infrastructure, and faculty training and workforce development. The ecosystem of CI users includes researchers working on particle physics, galaxy formation, genomics and integrative systems biology, and protein dynamics and drug discovery, as well as faculty in a broad range of domains who need to learn the fundamentals of research computing, and students who are exposed to CI through their faculty mentors. These stakeholders are considering how to construct laterally and vertically integrated partnerships that draw upon the expertise of practitioners from New York State Education and Research Network, The Carpentries, and the NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.

The goal of the CC* planning initiative is to design a flexible, extensible, accessible research cyberinfrastructure (CI) that is capable of meeting the evolving computational needs of City Tech's most advanced CI users while cultivating a long tail of impact within the larger CI ecosystem. Identified institutional needs include a faculty-led governance structure, systematic rather than ad hoc resource acquisition policies to avoid the creation of silos, increased professional CI support for users, and the creation of a stable and sustainable starting point for systemic CI planning and governance. This planning grant provides that starting point. The work of the project will proceed through a combination of forums, Working Groups, and consultations from entities with expertise in CI development. Topics for investigation include a faculty led leadership structure, data, HPC, and stakeholder engagement. Project deliverables are a five-year Cyberinfrastructure Master Plan and planning for future proposal submissions to the NSF MRI and CC* programs to seek partial support for implementation of the Master Plan.

This award reflects NSF's statutory mission and has been deemed worthy of support through evaluation using the Foundation's intellectual merit and broader impacts review criteria.

Effective start/end date1/07/2030/06/23


  • National Science Foundation: $99,183.00


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