Equitable Access to Quality Palliative Care for Black Americans: A Scan of Challenges and Opportunities

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The research team will conduct a comprehensive environmental scan and literature review to further characterize disparities in palliative care for Black people and identify opportunities to reduce inequities in access and quality through replicable interventions and policy solutions. Specifically, the team will conduct: a literature review to establish what is known about disparities, barriers, and successful interventions; interviews with community advocates and experts in addressing racial disparities to explore effective care delivery strategies and policy options; and a survey of the palliative care field to identify replicable interventions that improve access to and/or the quality of palliative care for Black patients. The findings will be synthesized and disseminated through publications and a national public briefing. After the project, the team will develop and widely share technical assistance tools and resources based on the findings to palliative care providers.

Effective start/end date1/05/2131/10/22


  • Commonwealth Fund.: $200,000.00


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