DIS - Gender Schemas and Science Careers: Tutorials for Change

  • Valian, Virginia (PI)

Project Details


The project will produce on-line tutorials for SMET students and faculty at colleges and universities, and for anyone else interested in a summary of research about the role of gender in science careers. The tutorials will be developed using Powerpoint slides with voice-over narration. Each will include an annotated bibliography, a questionnaire for site visitors to fill out (voluntarily), the opportunity to send queries and comments to PI, and question and answer material from those emailed messages.

The work will be performed at Hunter College - CUNY and the tutorials will be mounted on a Hunter College server. The tutorials can thus be reached by anyone in the world with access to the web. Once a demonstration tutorial is created, the PI will contact educational institutions and groups concerned with gender equity in science in order to invite such groups to evaluate the tutorial and to provide a link to the Hunter College site. As the project continues, more organizations and groups will be invited to create links to the site.

Tutorials like these do not currently exist. The PI is uniquely qualified as the author of a published book on women's advancement in the professions (extensively summarizing research), as a cognitive psychologist who has developed new courses related to gender, as a frequent presenter on the topic (having given 100+ presentations to and discussions with science students and educators), and as the developer of a web site for prospective graduate students to Hunter's MA Program in Psychology. The PI in particular will leverage experience giving lectures to diverse audiences.

Outcome measures will be evaluated from a) the number of visits to the site and to each tutorial, b) the number of educational institutions and organizations with links to the site, c) analysis of questionnaires and emailed messages. Feedback results that are relevant to the larger community will be posted to the site once they have been analyzed.

Science-based information about inadvertent bias in evaluations of men and women is available in technical sources but is not known to most students or educators. The resulting product will provide a suite of 15-minute tutorials that could be incorporated into workshops, briefings, classroom discussions, web sites, and on-line courses aimed at anyone studying the underrepresentation of women in SMET. The content drawing on many research findings and results is a substantive and accessible complement to many briefings and reports that primarily present summaries of statistics.

Effective start/end date1/10/0130/09/04


  • National Science Foundation: $101,500.00


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