De-implementation of Mammography Overuse in Older Racially and Ethnically Diverse Women

  • Tehranifar, Parisa (PI)
  • Moise, Nathalie (CoPI)
  • Shelton, Rachel (CoPI)

Project Details


PROJECT SUMMARY De-implementation is recognized as a critical but understudied area within implementation science (IS). Research is needed to determine the optimal methods and approaches for identifying, selecting, and tailoring de-implementation strategies. De-implementation of routine cancer screening in older adults, such as mammography screening for breast cancer, offers excellent opportunities for both advancing the science of de- implementation and improving care delivery and health outcomes in older adults. While national guidelines do not support routine mammography in older women and recommend consideration of morbidities, life expectancy and patients? informed preferences, ~56% of women ?75 years report receiving mammography, including 50% of women with life expectancy
Effective start/end date3/02/2131/01/22


  • National Cancer Institute: $540,960.00


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