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The rapid pace of technological advancement in genome sequencing has created endless opportunity for novel discoveries across basic and translational sciences. To pioneer this data transformation, the Center for Advanced Genomics Technology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has built an extensive technology toolbox with unprecedented access to and application of novel and existing methods in a multitude of genomics technologies. These capabilities span bulk, single-cell, spatial, and in situ genomic sequencing methods, all of which are leveraged to generate complementary cross-platform, orthogonally validated datasets to foster novel discovery and advance clinical applicability using human cohorts and model systems.

Technologies include novel molecular methods for extremely low-input library preparation methods; targeting genes of interest in both DNA and RNA profiling applications as well as amplification-free Cas9-based enrichment strategies; and a wide range of sequencing platforms, spanning the current and future state of the art for short-read, high-throughput, and long-read single molecule and nanopore sequencing methods from bulk tissue to single cells. Complementary use of these integrated technologies to approach critical open research questions creates the opportunity to accelerate discovery and characterization of previously unknown genetic structure, variation, and function across collaborative research at Icahn Mount Sinai and beyond.

The Center for Advanced Genomics Technology (CAGT) applies innovative, multi-omic technologies to accelerate biomedical and translational research studies within the Mount Sinai community. Advanced integrative approaches are critically important for generating diverse, high-resolution, multi-omics data for comprehensively characterizing the molecular underpinnings of health and disease.

The CAGT includes an expanded focus on faculty-driven research in the development and application of advanced genomic technology. Working synergistically since 2013 at the interface of molecular and computational biology, a team of more than 30 expert faculty and staff members with backgrounds in academia, industry, and clinical science has built and maintained an advanced technology facility that is recognized as one of the most reputable, certified, single-molecule and single-cell multi-omics facilities in the world. These advanced technologies, together with conventional next-generation sequencing methods, leverage technology-driven approaches to characterize and discover mechanisms associated with cancer, Mendelian disease, developmental disorders, and infectious disease, among others.


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